Retrato por Hugo Palacios
Martin Fernando Ackerman
Distinctions ...

Specialisation Level Diploma .
Foundation Prince Rainier III of Monaco. May 2006. Principality of Monaco.

Selected as young guest composer to create a piece for the first edition of the festival "Ile des découvertes" of ONDIF - Orchestre National Ile de France -, a festival sponsored by M. Pierre Boulez . April 2006, Aulnay sous Bois - France.

Excellence Prize in the Musical Analysis Perfection Level and 1 st prize in Orchestration , both unanimously obtained at the National School of Music and Dance of Aulnay sous Bois under José Luis Campana's direction. June 2005. Paris - France.

Guest soloist with the Montecarlo Philharmonic Orchestra in the gala concert of the Foundation Prince Rainier III of Monaco. June 2004 - Principality of Monaco.

Gold Medal , unanimously awarded during the Higher Level at the Foundation Prince Rainier III of Monaco. June 2002. Principality of Monaco.

".Martín F. Ackerman (.) has a good working method, he is analytical and reflexive, (.). An artist with good musical intuition and a solid theoretical background.". Fragment of a review by François Laurent. June 2002. Bologna - Italy.

1 st Prize in Classical Guitar , with the jury's congratulations, at the "Ecole Normal de Music de Paris", under Alberto Ponce's and François Laurent's direction.

".Those fingers reveal a poet underneath." A comment by Alberto Ponce in one of his lessons at the "Ecole Normal de Music de Paris". April 2002, Paris - France.

".Martín Ackerman (.) deserves the highest thoughts for his dedication and interest. He shows excellent musical qualities both in performance and in creation ". Excerpt from the letter of reference issued by the "Dirección General de Cultura y Educación", Buenos Aires' Arts and Education Office. Signed by Roberto Luvini. November 2001. Buenos Aires - Argentina.


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