Retrato por Hugo Palacios
P o r t r a i t
by Hugo Palacios
Portrait ...
Martin F. Ackerman has two restless eyes framed, for the moment, with an enviable mop of unbelievable curls which he gathers up in a tail when the seriousness of he occasion demands it.

Those eyes undoubtedly communicate a sensibility shaped for music, an inquisitive stare though which he examines reality in order to transform it into notes, chords and beats of his guitar: But, and this is uncommon in an artist of his talent, those same eyes are like houses ready to accommodate whoever looks at them. Because if there is something that characterizes Martin, it is his generosity, his yearning to welcome into his world everyone who comes his way.

This wildsociability, aswild,asishis
hair sometimes, reveals a love for life, an enthusiasm, which clearly overflows in his musical creation and interpretation. Martin gives himself to others, composes and plays to please the ear, to share his happiness with those who listen to him. But he knows that to succeed in his aim to caress the soul of others, good intentions are nor enough: effort and dedication are essential; and he is not devoid of these virtues, which he complements with discipline and thoroughness.

All this is Martín F. Ackerman's music: a tender and welcoming hug, a conversation among friends, a pleasant virtuosity that reaches he soul.

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