I hope not to forget anyone in my aim to be brief. I hope to be forgiven if my memory fails and someone feels upset or neglected.
Firstly, I would like to thank my father, Claudio Ackerman, for his everlasting and unconditional support, and my first great teacher and friend, Víctor Villadangos, who taught me to love music and the guitar. Next, of course, my second great teacher and also a friend, Luc Vander Borght, who opened the doors of his world and house for me, sharing his music and his life, offering me everything he could with patience, respect and determination. Thank you Luc, thanks for the "sound", for the phrase, for the legato, for the expression, for the explanation, for your trust, for your time and dedication.
I would like to thank SO.GE.DA and SACEM for the scholarships the have granted me throughout my years of study in the Principality of Monaco, and the conservatoire Juan José Castro of Buenos Aires and the Foundation Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
Let me also express my thanks to Gabriel Senanes, who, in his composition lessons, taught me to make music mine, to take the floor, to defend it, to live it but not render it sacred. To José Luis Campana, who trusted me; to Delia Estrada, for her enthusiasm; to the Take Four Guitar Quartet, for their beautiful performance of Toma4tango; to Roland Dyens, for his support in a difficult stage of my career; to Eduardo Egüez, who offered me his hospitality when I first arrived in Europe; to Miriam Fernández, for her sharp criticism, her well tuned ear and her shameless friendship; to Juanita Quattropani, for her "web assistance"; to Hugo Palacios, for his beautiful way to write.
Finally, I would like to thank my family, my friends, my loves and all those who walk beside me with enthusiasm, love and passion.

Thank you all ...

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